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Partnership Announcment

We are delighted to have partnered with Xtreme Offshore Outsourcing. Read more below.

We are extremely delighted to have secured a strategic partnership with Xtreme Offshore Outsourcing. Extreme Offshore Outsourcing are based in Japan, with a team of 50+ members and have a strong presence in Asia.

As strategic partners, we will be working together to help companies solve their IT challenges, Provide leadership & Scaling support, find easy ways to find top talent. With the rising need for businesses to digitize their operations, our aim is fill the gaps & challenges which businesses today face. The partnership will allow us to further expand our operations in Japan, Philippines, Korea and Vietnam.

The CEO of XOO, Mr. Koh San said, ''We are really looking forward to working with SA Tech Asia and build a long term partnership to further support businesses who face numerous IT Challenges. We are confident with our regional expertise and their vast experience in IT, we will be able to create great impact in the region.''

SA TECH Asia's CEO, Priya Rajesh was equally delighted at the opportunity and said, ''We are immensely proud of our global expansion and our new partnership. This helps us to further build a stronger presence and support businesses that need our help''. South East Asia continues to attract more foreign partners, talent and new technologies that enable businesses to further innovate and scale. At SA Tech Asia, we work with partners who are looking to power the next generation companies and founders. We combine our expertise in technology, marketing and leadership & solve IT challenges at scale.

- Marketing Team

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