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Our Mission

We want to enable and empower businesses and individuals around the World to leverage technology in creating a better World.  

Our Story

Nirji is founded by a team of experienced corporate professionals who have spent 20+ years in senior leadership positions with multinational corporations around the World. 

The core team is a truly diverse team with top leaders from Singapore, India, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Europe.

We are here to see to it that buyers of technology actually succeed in benefiting from their investments.

Yes, that is what we want to do. Leverage technology to create a better world. A World that values and practices sustainability, equity, diversity, belongingness, and general well-being of humanity. 

We want to achieve these goals by developing affordable, accessible, and scalable technology solutions to solve current and future challenges faced by businesses and individuals.

Building Technology & long lasting partnerships

Our Industry Reach

Nirji has managed to work with several partner companies, through which our industry reach has increased exponentially. 

- Electronics & Semi-Conductor

- Software Technology

- Telecom & mobility

- Retail & E-Commerce

- Healthcare

- Education

- Media & Entertainment


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